Our Internet Packages

Standard Internet

  • Up to 3 Mbps
  • Basic Browsing
  • Social Media

HD+ Internet

  • Up to 20 Mbps
  • LOTS of Video Streaming
  • Multiple Devices
  • VPN
  • Large File Transfers

Phone Service

Business Unlimited

  • Ability to Keep your Number if you wish
  • Unlimited Calls to all 50 States
  • Premium features included
  • NO Contracts

Questions and answers

1How Does It Work?
Air Link Rural Broadband, LLC provides reliable internet access to un-served or under-served areas of Central Missouri. Our internet backbone is an ultra-high-speed fiber connection to the internet. Air Link has created a reliable wireless network with the use of newly developed technologies. By placing our equipment in your area (atop grain legs, cell towers, or water towers) we are able to achieve what, until now, was impossible. See our area coverage maps for areas of coverage.
2What Equipment Do I Need?
For installation of Air Link RB Internet service, roof or tv tower mount-ability is required. The antennas are small and pleasing to the eye. (For example, our antenna's are less than half the size of a satellite television dish. Dish Network or DirecTV) Wireless technology has bridged the gap and now offers high speed Internet at an affordable price, and in area's where dial-up and unreliable services are all that is offered.

Our Technology

Our Technology

By placing our wireless equipment atop cell towers, grain bins, and more, we are able to provide reliable internet access to rural areas.

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