Residential Wireless

Wireless Internet Service Plans


$54/ month

  • Up to 3Mbps
    Unlimited Data!
  • Basic Browsing
  • Social Media

On Demand

$69/ month

  • Up to 10Mbps Unlimited Data!
  • Light Video Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Social Media



  • Up to 20Mbps Unlimited Data!
  • LOTS of Video Streaming
  • Gaming
  • Multiple Devices
  • VPN
  • Large File Transfers
*All plan pricing includes our service & maintenance plan. This warranties any Air Link equipment that needs replacing, service calls to your home, as well as allowing us to remotely manage the equipment in the event you should have any issues. This service plan includes our router management app with features such as user/device priority settings, live stats of your bandwidth, bedtime blocker, homework mode, and more.
1One-Time Installation Charge
Installation Charge: $99.00 installation Standard Equipment and Installation Includes:
Wireless access unit and/or antenna

Up to a 10 foot mast and mounting hardware

Up to 100 feet of ethernet cable

LAN or PC configuration
2The 'Fine Print'
Router included with install!
-A Mickrotik Routerboard AC lite is included in installation

-Large houses or houses with very specific service needs may require a Mikrotik Routerboard 4011. This larger capacity router costs an additional $5 per month.

No contract to sign!

No phone line needed!

No data caps!
Want FREE Internet? Airlink offers the $64.00/mo (On-Demand Internet : 8 Mbps download) Package for FREE to any customer who sends us 5 referrals. You are only eligible while the referred customers are active. The referral must keep their Airlink Internet service for at least 3 months. Send us 10 or more referrals and you’ll get the $100.00/mo (HD+ Internet : 20 Mbps download) for FREE.
4Site Survey
To determine if service is available, an initial site survey is required. Site will be surveyed to determine if connection is possible using up to a 10′ mast mounted at the highest point of your house or business. The survey will determine if you can receive any serviceable signal and which speed options will be available for your location. This will depend on your location and orientation to one of our access points. If your site requires antenna mounting higher than 10 feet, the surveyor will discuss this with you and installation cost will be determined upon completion of the survey. Note: upon arrival to your home or business, it may be determined that due to elevation or obstructed view that an install with suitable signal is not possible.