1Will weather affect my service?
No. Our equipment is not plagued with rain fade issues like satellite provider equipment is.
2When I call in, who will I get on the phone?
You'll most likely get one of the owners on the phone. And, if you are having technical issues, Casey, the Network Administrator/Owner will be helping you identify the problem. We don't believe in passing blame at your router like other companies do ... If there is a problem somewhere ... we want to know about it.
3What kind of internet is this?
This is called "Fixed Wireless" Air Link is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).
4A competing satellite provider is offering 12-20Mbps download speed. How is the Air Link 1.5Mbps plan better than the satellite companies 12Mbps plan?
There are a few BIG differences ...

1) Satellite companies will always be plagued by SLOW response times from the internet. (This is called latency) Even with a 12meg download speed you are still going to have to sit and wait on that lag. Typical satellite response is 800-1200milliseconds. Air Link response times are typically less that 50milliseconds.

2) Satellite providers cap their usage. Air Link does not.
5I have a problem with my computer. I think it's a virus or something is wrong with it. Will you fix it?
Please give us a call. We have teamed up with a few qualified repair-men who will be glad to help you out.